Instagram Lite

Introducing the App

As we know very well that Instagram is one of those social media that is on the zenith of popularity among the people (its users) of the modern world. But, it has a big size capacity, as a result, it also uses/eats big memory. Moreover, this social media needs/requires a lot of internet data as well.

So, to solve all of these problems, the developer introduced its lighter version that is known as Instagram Lite. Its latest APK (335423556) has been offered for the satisfaction of Instagram users. The lite version has made Instagram more enjoyable.

The application will keep a user’s android performance more smooth, as it is not going to eat big memory. One more important thing, in comparison to Instagram, the lite version will not cost much internet data; so it is very popular/preferable among its users. All valuable information regarding this app is provided here in full detail.

Reviewing the App

In case, the RAM of a person’s android is less than 2GB, Instagram (regular version) can slow down his device’s performance. But, the user has no need to worry, now he is free to download the lite version of Instagram after deleting this app’s regular version.

The Instagram Lite has been introduced in just 573KB size, as it is a progressive web application. Though the app comprises a much smaller size, the interface is similar to the official version. Consequently, it can be said that those people who anytime used Instagram will be capable of using the app’s Lite version without any problem.

So, it is clear that the ‘small size of the application is the most interesting thing/highlight of the Instagram Lite version. As it has been told earlier also, this small size will not slow down the performance of users devices.  The app includes some common features but it does not come with some original features.

A user can edit, upload photos and videos as posts or stories with Instagram Lite. Additionally, the app lets a person use many filters, find short stories of friends etc. 

But, the user will not be able to send messages to others as Instagram Lite for the android version does not include Direct Messages. It is noteworthy that according to the manufacturer direct messaging features may be introduced in the future. However, this feature is still available in some countries.

Therefore, in case a person wants the direct messaging feature, he has to ensure that the feature is available in his own country.


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