Lime Player

Introducing the app

Of course, it is very fun to ‘watch videos’ as well as ‘listen to music’; especially, when a person does these things on his android (device). In the present time a(ny) man is free to do them without any problem as there is availability of various or many video players. And, Lime Player latest apk 1.2.0 (710) is one of them. This application is a ‘powerful’, ‘fast as well as light’ video player. Its developer has introduced it with ‘advanced acceleration as well as subtitle support’.

(Not all but) many people regard Lime Player as one of the best video applications. With this app a person can play videos as well as music freely. It offers various advantages for its users. Therefore, one may have more fun playing with one’s android (smartphone). All valuable information regarding this app is provided in full detail.

 Reviewing the app

Lime Player comes with so many features. It ‘has been introduced with a user-friendly interface is one of them. (That is why) operating it is (very) simple. Apart from the above, the app provides ‘quick start and smooth playback. In this way, anyone will be capable of using it without any problem.

Lime Player allows a user to play videos in high definition that comprises HD as well as 4K. Further, ‘hardware acceleration is the next feature of this app. Here, one can apply it to more videos with new hardware as well as a decoder.

Lime (video) Player features subtitle support as well. This application lets a user load the subtitle file from his own (android) device or smartphone. It is noteworthy that there is availability of various subtitle formats.  The available formats are; Substation Alpha (.ssa), SAMI (.smi), SSA subtitle tracks, MPL2 (.mpl), DVD, DVB, WebVTT (.vtt), Teletex, TMPlayer (.txt), PJS (.pjs), MicroDVD (.sub), SubRip (.set), SubViewer 2.0 (.sub), as well as VobSub (.sub).

Lime Player allows its users to play all files of video. Moreover, this application will consume a very small memory of a person’s device. This app also has  ‘media and Movie Player’. Additionally, the ‘thumbnail of video files’ is related to its outstanding features. Apart from the above, the application lets a user play videos with these formats; AAC, AVI, FLAC, FLV, 3GP, MP3, M4V, MPG, MOV, MP4, RMVB, TS, WAV, as well as WMV.


Bug fixes.

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