The app introduced

liveScore latest apk 5.9 (474) is a good sport application. It is regarded as one of the nice sport(s) apps for adding in android device(s). It is very helpful for a user to find the latest news of various types of sports such as basketball, football, as well as many other ones. It is LiveScore Ltd. that developed this useful application. It is one of the most preferred and popular (sport) apps among people. 

In the present time, LiveScore has secured 4.6 points of rating stars in the Google Play Store that is absolutely an excellent rating point. It shows how much people like this application. All valuable information regarding it will be given here in full detail. 

Reviewing the app  

liveScore for Android comes with many outstanding features that greatly impress its users. The app has a simple, easy to use, as well as very clear interface. A user will find the latest score of various types of sports when he opens this app. Its menus are located in the top segment. As the basic colour, this application uses ‘orange’. That is why it looks unique when one sees it.

liveScore offers full information on different types of sports. If a person uses this application he easily will find the latest update or score particularly that of basketball as well as football. Apart from the above, it offers the whole information or details via country-based as well. So, a user will be capable of finding the competition by selecting the country.

The liveScore app does not provide only the latest score or update, it gives the analysis of the match(es) in detail as well. Those who use it (app) here can see the lineup of the time; the team made how many chances as well as other detailed information. 

Summing up

So, it can be said that the developer of the liveScore has introduced the app with some important features that make it a loveable app among people. As it has been told earlier also, it is a good sport application. The app is complete in bringing sports information. One more thing, that is more important, the app is available or suitable for any kind of android smartphone.


Bug fixes.

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