Introducing the app

RN Entertainment’s TPlayer latest APK5.5b version is not only a simple but an effective video player also. It offers sophisticated hardware acceleration and subtitle support as well. With this video player, one will be able to take the enjoyment of watching videos on one’s device/(smart)phone without any problem.

Besides watching videos, a person also can use it in watching television shows, movies, as well as music. All valuable information regarding this video player is provided here in full detail.

Reviewing the app 

TPlayer for Android is equipped with so many features. ‘Support for all formats’ (of videos) is one of them. The video player is capable of supporting AAC, AVI, FLAC, MKV, MP4, M2TS, MOV, Ogg, TS, Wv, as well as many other file formats.

Moreover, this app can be used in playing ‘most local videos as well as audios’ and network streams as well. As far as ‘video and audio files are concerned; it has a media library. It (media library) allows a user to directly browse folders as well as supports ‘multi-track audio and subtitles’ also. 

As it has been said earlier also that with TPlayer, one will be capable of enjoying as well as watching videos, television shows,  favourite shows, and many other videos on one’s Android device (smartphone). ‘Audio rotation’ and ‘aspect ratio adjustment’ as well are the features of this app. 

TPlayer also comes with gestures. The gestures function for controlling brightness, volume, as well as seeking. The next feature of the video player is ‘high-quality display’ where this app provides ‘HD and 4K resolutions’. Additionally, ‘subtitles’, ‘multiple options for screen fit and auto rotate’, ‘online stream videos’, as well as ‘manage/share’ are some more features of the app.

As far as the interface of TPlayer is concerned; the Android application has an easy user interface. That is why it may be one of the most user-friendly video players for Android. As a video player, TPlayer is both ‘easy to use and ‘looks interesting as well. The application makes everything appear clear on the page with its ‘Black’ background colour.


Bug fixes.

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