Chromebook  & laptop

You Must Know 10 Points About 

Chromebooks run Chrome OS, laptops run Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Operating System

Chromebooks run web apps and Google services, while laptops run a wider range of software.

Applications and Software

Chromebooks have minimal storage and rely on cloud storage, while laptops have more storage and support local files.


Chromebooks have modest hardware; laptops have a wider range of hardware, including high-performance options.


Chromebooks are designed for online use, while laptops can be used online or offline.

Offline Capability

Chromebooks are limited for multimedia editing, while laptops offer more software and processing power.

Multimedia Editing:

Chromebooks are limited to browser-based games, while laptops can run more demanding games.


Chromebooks are more budget-friendly, while laptops can range in price from budget to high-end.

Price Range

Chromebooks are more secure due to automatic updates and sandboxing, while laptops are less secure due to manual updates and OS dependency.


Chromebooks are light, quick, and portable. Laptops vary in size and weight, with some ultrabooks as portable.