Introducing the App

Transferring files between Androids is preferred by (almost) everyone. It is noteworthy that the majority of file transfer apps require a USB cable, internet connection or (even) cellular data to transfer files.

But, there is no need to worry for the person (about such things) if he uses Xender – File Transfer & Share latest APK 10.0.3 (1298). It is a very useful app. All valuable information about it is provided here.

Reviewing the App 

The app Xender – File Transfer & Share comes with various excellent features. Some of them are mentioned here. It has features such as ‘ it provides high speed’, ‘capable in sharing files without limitation’, ‘shares files of all sizes’, ‘free internet quota’, ‘support transfer between operating systems, ‘file manager’, ‘easy phone duplication’, ‘capable in seeing connected friend’s application’, ‘user-friendly design’, as well as ‘slide photos to send.

  Xender – File Transfer & Share app supports a variety of languages in it as well. The app supports languages like Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, English, Indonesian, Greek, Traditional Mandarin, Japanese, Hungarian, Turkish, Italian, Thai, Korean, Polish, Malaysian, Spanish, German, Russian, Vietnamese, French as well as Portuguese. Therefore, it easily can be said that this file transfer app is for people of all origins (or all countries).

Advantages and Disadvantages

Though Xender – File Transfer & Share comes with many plus points, it has limitations (s) also. They are discussed here.


(I) It is an app with minimum Bug(s)

(II) Simple File Transfer application

(III) It transfers any file easily

(IV) The app offers high transfer speed


The app gives no option to allow or reject file transfer.

 This is the Way of Using the App

First,  a user will have to tap the rectangular red box in Xender – File Transfer & Share to transfer files. Then, he will have to click on ‘Send’. Consequently, a hotspot will be created to connect to (an)other (Android) devices. On the other device,

he will have to click on ‘Receive’ in the application as well as turn on the GPS to look for/detect the available device. In the final step, he will click on the intended device found and he will be able to transfer all those things he will prefer to send to other people without any problem. So, it can be said that using Xender – File Transfer & Share is very easy. Anyone can try this application.


Other bug fixes as well as transfer optimizations

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