Introducing the app

Currently, there is the availability of many useful data transfer applications. They help the large number of people who are often in the need of transferring data. But, most of those apps require the use of cellular data or Wi-Fi.

In case a person has cellular data or Wi-Fi they will work finely, but the problem will arise if the other persons do not have it (cellular data or Wi-Fi). So to solve this problem here is introduced Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing latest apk 6.1 (385). All important details about this app are given here.

Reviewing the app

First of all, it is noteworthy that Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing for Android provides free transfer. Moreover, a user is also capable of transferring his data as freely as possible even when he is offline or without internet (connection). 

There is no need to describe that the Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing application will not restrict a person to do the transfer across just limited platforms. A user will be capable of transferring without cable if it is Android, iOS, or any others. One should note that there is one more application similar (that is similar in function) to this one; people know it as Xender.

It is an undeniable fact that with Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing, a person gets liberty of transferring almost everything such as photo, music, app, video, pdf, as well as all file types. That is why it can easily be said that it will not restrict data transfer to just specific or particular numbers of the file(s) as well as size

There is no need to worry about file size while working or transferring with Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing. This android application is capable of doing its function or job of transferring a file to its destination successfully; it will not matter how large or big it (file) is.

In case the speed is low; there is no use of being able to transfer this as well as that. A user is requested/advised not to worry about it or this; as it would not be the case with  Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing. 

Here, it is once again noteworthy that the Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing application comes with a quick transfer speed. Its transfer speed is 200 times faster than that of Bluetooth. So, with such a good speed; a user is capable of getting the transfer done when he is in a hurry. Of course, it can be called a lifesaver.


‘Fixed UI layout’ as well ‘fixed an issue of crashing from the last release’.

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