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CapCut:  v7.2.0 + APK MOD (Unlocked All)

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Introducing the App

Of course, video editing apps are the need of people; especially of the younger generation who cannot get enough of their social media content. If a person is fond of editing videos easily from his Android device, he must have a video editing application.

So, we are here with one of the video editing apps which is named CapCut Latest APK v6.4.0 7The app is equipped with all those features/things that are very helpful/useful in making a good video. There is music, effects, cutting tool(s), stickers, as well as tons of templates available in the app. 

CapCut application is for all, even if any person who has no knowledge of video editing and he likes to edit a video for fun the app undoubtedly will be helpful for him.

Using the app is not difficult. So with this application, its user will be capable of enhancing any type of video for his social media content. All valuable information regarding it is provided herein in full detail.

 Reviewing the App

CapCut for Android is not only a video editing application but it is also a video-making app. So, a person can make a short or long video for his video content purposes as well. It is capable of making professional videos even for those people also who have no experience in the field of video editing.


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The user will get templates on this application. Therefore, he has to do nothing but pick a template.   After that, the app will create a video according to it. 

CapCut is full of beautiful filters as well. They come for making one’s video not only look unique but appealing also. For ensuring the application is going to have whimsical vibes, a user is free to add stickers as well as some effects on his video. 

For adjusting the length as well as the speed of a video, CapCut is completed by some tools as well. The app has a music track. So, a user can add background music (to his video) without any problem; or he can use the one on his phone.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Though the app CapCut for Android highlights many plus points, it has some drawbacks also. Its positive points and limitations are mentioned here:


  • (I) Due to its friendly interface anyone can alter his video. The app features an easy-to-use tool for cutting, changing the speed, as well as reversing the video
  • (II) The app offers templates also. First, a person has to select a template.  Then he can start making an instant video easily.
  • (III) Numerous effects, as well as stickers, are/may be helpful for a user in beautifying his video
  • (IV) To alter the look of a video and make it more appealing, the app comes with advanced filters also.

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‘ The user may find the lagging problem/issue. There will be a requirement of quite a lot of space to store as well as to run the app smoothly. So, in case of not having enough space on the user’s device (phone) for the app, it may cause the lagging issue – is the negative point of the application CapCut.

 This is the Way of Using the App 

Using the application CapCut for Android is very easy. First, a user has to load the video. After that, he can use the cutting tool to cut his video or just take some parts of it – as he wants/needs.

The next step is to adjust the video as per the keyframe available on this application. Now, he has to spice up the video with effects as well as stickers. If he likes to add music, he can select background music or just (can) use his own. In this way, the video will finish in these few easy steps.


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  • Performance improvements for making (users) in-app experience even better.

Why Capcut is banned in India

CapCut is a video editing app that was banned in India in February 2022. The app was banned along with 59 other Chinese apps due to security concerns. The Indian government said that the apps were “stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users’ data in an unauthorized manner to servers located outside India.”

CapCut is a popular app that is used by millions of people around the world. It allows users to create and edit videos with a variety of features, including filters, transitions, and music. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

The ban on CapCut has been met with mixed reactions. Some people are upset that they can no longer use the app, while others understand the government’s decision to ban it. It is unclear when or if CapCut will be available in India again.

The Indian government has said that the ban on CapCut and the other apps was necessary to protect the privacy and security of Indian citizens. The government has also said that it is working with the Chinese government to address the security concerns.

It is possible that CapCut and the other banned apps will be available in India again in the future. However, it is also possible that the ban will remain in place. It is up to the Indian government to decide whether or not to lift the ban.


In the meantime, there are a number of other video editing apps that are available in India. These apps include InShot, VivaVideo, and KineMaster. These apps offer similar features to CapCut, and they can be used to create and edit videos.

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