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Fix: All in One WP Migration Import Stuck

All in One WP Migration
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All in One WP Migration is an intuitive plugin designed for beginners that makes backups, exports, and imports simpler and compliant with GDPR regulations. Plus it’s totally free!

Utilizing this plugin, you can migrate a website to Hostinger without experiencing any downtime in four straightforward steps. Furthermore, this tool offers advanced features like the exclusion of files, dry run, and rollback for added flexibility and efficiency.

Paid Extension Use

If the All in One WP Migration plugin becomes stuck during an import process, there are a number of things you can do to restart it. One simple method would be using another method for exporting files; since users are only permitted to upload up to 512 MB at one time. Any larger files will need to be backed up using alternative means.

All in One WP Migration is an efficient website migration tool that makes moving WordPress sites from one server or domain to another easy. Useful for switching hosts, upgrading themes or plugins, or taking them from staging into production mode – its functionality suits beginners as well as advanced users, with support available across a range of hosting providers.

Though widely reviewed, this plugin can occasionally experience problems during migration. One common issue is file import stalling due to file size or network settings; to mitigate this problem, ensure all file sizes and migration settings are accurate as well as double saving the permalink structure.


Removing the Original Site

Migrating websites is often an exhaustive, laborious task that can take months and often years to complete, which is why many turn to the All in One WP Migration plugin as a solution to make the process quicker and more efficient. Unfortunately, this plugin may occasionally encounter issues that delay or stop its process entirely, such as import-stuck errors caused by various factors.

One common cause of All in One WP Migration import being stuck is large file sizes. The plugin imposes limits on how large files can be imported at once; if yours exceeds that limit, import will become inexplicably stuck during its import process. Other causes could be server limitations; some hosting providers have restrictions that restrict max_execution_time value which impacts how quickly All in One WP Migration uploads files to its server.

To resolve this issue, first ensure your All in One WP Migration file is a WordPress file. Secondly, head over to wp-content/ai1wm-backups/ directory and upload this. wpress file there. Afterward, open the All in One WP Migration plugin and choose the “Backup” option – this will take you back to an older version of your backup file which allows you to restore it back to your site and get things up and running smoothly again.

Uploading the Backup Files

Migration of websites can be an extremely complicated undertaking. A number of issues can arise during this process, most commonly the import process being stuck due to size limitations on server space or network issues. Luckily there are ways around these obstacles and getting your site online again!

First and foremost, ensure that the backup file you’re using isn’t too large. This is particularly crucial if you are transitioning from another host or domain; large files take too long to upload and may result in server errors; expanding max execution time on hosting accounts will expedite the import process faster.


Once you’ve created a smaller backup file, you can transport it over to the new site and continue the import process. Upload it into the wp-content/ai1wm-backups directory of WordPress for restoration using the All in One WP Migration plugin or select and download via the Backups menu in WordPress admin to avoid the import process becoming stuck.


Migrating a website requires careful attention, as every detail must go smoothly. From moving it from another domain or server to switching hosting providers, or simply making some minor adjustments like moving hosting providers – taking all the steps needed for a smooth transfer process is essential to avoid corrupted or hacked websites – therefore using reliable migration tools like All-in-One WP Migration may help ensure success!

It’s great that this plugin is free, yet occasionally there may be issues during its implementation. A common one is when it becomes stuck while importing data from your old site – this could be caused by software conflicts and file size restrictions among other factors.

If this issue arises, there are a few steps you can take. First, ensure the file you’re uploading doesn’t exceed its maximum upload/post size limits by increasing them in your php.ini settings file.

If the issue still persists, contact your hosting provider for additional help and they should be able to resolve it quickly. Alternatively, try using another method for migrating your website such as the All-in-One WP Migration plugin version 6.77, but be wary as using this approach can sometimes backfire.


Final Words 

In conclusion, there are a few things to keep in mind when migrating a website using All in One WP Migration. First, make sure that your backup file is not too large. Second, check for server limitations and increase the max execution time if necessary. Third, try using a different method if the import process becomes stuck. Finally, contact your hosting provider for additional help if you are still having trouble.

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