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How to Hide Phone Number on Telegram and Secret Chat and Private Channel.

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As privacy becomes an increasing priority online, Telegram users often find themselves asking whether it is possible to hide their phone numbers. As digital technology continues to develop and advance, safeguarding personal data has become a top priority for those seeking to protect their online identities.

In this article, we’ll dive into the mysterious world of Telegram and investigate whether it is possible to maintain privacy while taking advantage of its features. Discover the methods, tools, and considerations that will equip you to navigate the digital realm with confidence, keeping your privacy intact while enjoying communication on this popular platform. Delve deeper into Telegram’s privacy settings to take control of your online presence.


Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app with numerous features, such as end-to-end encrypted chats, video calling, VoIP phone calls, file sharing, and file storage. Available across platforms – Android, iOS, Windows macOS, and Linux – Telegram currently boasts more than 800 million active users worldwide and ranks among the world’s top 10 most downloaded applications.

Telegram’s features also include Groups that can accommodate up to 200,000 members, Channels with an unlimited subscriber limit, and Bots that perform various tasks.

Telegram is a popular choice among users who want to send end-to-end encrypted and self-destructing chats is perfect for secure file sharing of up to 2GB size, making Telegram the go-to app with lots of features and functions for users looking for secure messaging apps with an array of security measures and options.


What is the Difference between Telegram and WhatsApp?

Telegram and WhatsApp are two instant messaging apps with many similar features such as messaging, voice calling, file sharing, and more. There are some key differences between the two services that you should keep in mind.

One of the primary distinctions between Telegram and WhatsApp is end-to-end encryption for all chats by default on Telegram, while only individual chats on WhatsApp support this feature. Telegram also enables users to create self-destructing chats that can only be accessed on their device of creation; in contrast to this capability offered by WhatsApp.

Telegram’s cloud-based service gives its users access to their messages from multiple devices simultaneously; WhatsApp requires using one phone number per account and only allows one device at a time to register with it.

Telegram stands out from WhatsApp by having an inbuilt browser, which enables users to browse links and websites from within the application – something WhatsApp does not support. Finally, Telegram supports more languages than WhatsApp does.

Telegram is generally more secure and feature-rich than WhatsApp; however, the latter is widely popular and easier to set up and use.


How can I create a Secret Chat on Telegram? 

To create a secret chat in Telegram, follow these steps:

Launch the Telegram app. Sift through contacts until you find one you wish to communicate with, select them by name then tap three vertical dots, and finally start Secret Chats!

Confirm that you wish to create a secret chat. These encrypted, end-to-end encrypted discussions can only be accessed on the device they were created on and can also feature self-destruct messages that can be set after certain intervals have elapsed. Here are a few additional points about these chats: /

When you delete a secret chat, both devices will delete it automatically. Each contact can only have one secret chat at a time; end-to-end encryption cannot be guaranteed when using Telegram web apps or desktop clients for these chats.

How to Hide Your Phone Number in Telegram

To conceal your number on Telegram, follow these steps. 

  • Start up the Telegram App 
  • Tap three horizontal lines located in the top left corner *
  • Settings > Privacy and Security > Phone Number @ top right of screen 
  •  Privacy Settings @ privacy > Phone Number by right-clicking

Under “Who Can View My Phone Number,” select either Nobody or My Contacts to protect your privacy, avoid spam and unwanted messages, and prevent people from finding you on other social media platforms. By hiding your number in Telegram you can protect your privacy, and avoid unwanted calls/messages/posts/search results/etc – while simultaneously keeping yourself safe!

What’s the Difference Between Channels and Groups on Telegram? 

Telegram offers two forms of group chats – Groups and Channels. Here is what sets these apart.

  1. Groups operate similarly to chat groups in that members can communicate and interact freely among themselves. Group admins have permission to restrict messages sent from members, make the group public or private, and assign additional admins for other groups within it; each Group may include up to 200,000 members.
  2. Channels are one-way communication tools designed for admins that enable them to send broadcast messages directly to an unlimited number of subscribers, without them being able to reply or post replies in return. Channels work similarly to WhatsApp’s broadcast feature in that only admins are able to post on them; their subscribers cannot reply or post replies directly on channels themselves. They also include a view counter feature so admins can keep tabs on how many people viewed their broadcast.

Here are the main distinctions between groups and channels: 

  • Groups provide two-way communication while channels provide only one. 
  • Groups have an upper limit of 200,000 members while channels do not. 
  • Only admins are permitted to send messages in channels while members can post directly in groups.
  • Channels come equipped with view counter features, while groups do not.

How to Make Your Telegram Channel Private

Here are the steps on how to make your Telegram channel private: 

  • When opening the Telegram app on your device, 
  • Navigate directly to the channel you’d like to make private and select it from there.
  • Tap any channel name at the top of your screen to open its profile, or tap on three vertical dots in the top-right corner to edit channels 
  • from their menus. When finished, scroll down to the Privacy & Security section & choose Channel Type from there.
  • Select Private Channel from the available options.
  • Once your channel is private, only users who have been invited by its administrator can see its contents. Private channels cannot be searched through usernames but rather require joining via an invitation link provided by admins.

Here are the advantages of making your Telegram channel private:

  1. you can easily restrict who can view its content, 
  2. you can prevent spam messages and unwanted communication, 
  3. you can build an engaged community of followers more quickly, and increase its reach.
  4. If you’re thinking about making your Telegram channel private, 

I hope the information here is helpful.

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