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Imo Free Video Calls and Chat latest apk 2022.02.3021 (22023021) is a kind of interesting app to be installed on one’s smartphone. At the present time, It is one of the most popular and useful apps in the world (with more than one billion downloads in the Google Play Store).

This nice app comes to help with personal messages as well as video chatting with his family members, (other) relatives, as well as friends for free.

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 It is expected that a user of the IMO Free Video Calls and Chat (with its newest version) will be a beautiful way; in order to communicate with other people. This app offers some excellent features to enjoy during chatting activities. All valuable details regarding it are provided here.

Reviewing the App

As it has been mentioned earlier also that Imo Free Video Calls and Chat has some outstanding features. First of all, this app is nice with a (user) friendly interface. This ‘easy-to-understand interface’ will surely please the app’s user when he wants to use the application for chatting activities with his friends and familiars. Moreover, the app is good with color combinations as well. (I) Blue, as well as (II) White becomes a nice color. The aforementioned two colors make it look(s) brighter.

A person/user, through the IMO Free Video Calls and Chat; also will be capable of making a high-quality video. Although the quality of the camera (of the user’s smartphone device) will influence the video, the application will make it more stable. Since the app runs well in kinds of connections; such as 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connections, that is why the video will be more stable. 

The IMO Free Video Calls and Chat app comprises many features inside it. So, it also can be called nice with the kinds of features there. Here, inside this application, a person/user can make a group chat with his close friends.

Moreover, he also will be capable of (I) Sharing Photos (II) Videos in a simple way. In addition, the application includes many stickers as well. They not only make chatting become more interesting but fun as well.

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Imo Free Video Calls and Chat is also safe to use. As most of us are aware of this fact, safety becomes one of the most important matters to understand in choosing a chatting application. Here, this application is one of the great/excellent chatting apps with high-class safety. Like WhatsApp, it also uses encrypted chats as well as calls.

Positive and Negative Points

Of course, Imo Free Video Calls and Chat comes with those useful features that are beneficial for its users in many ways. But, it also has a flaw. Both the app’s advantages and disadvantages are described here but in short.

Positive Points

  • (I) The application features a user-friendly interface
  • (II) It comes with complete features as well as stickers
  • (III) This app has encrypted safety mode as well

Negative Point

(I) The users face difficulty in sharing audio or music

This is the Way of Using the App

Imo Free Video Calls and Chat is very easy to use. If a person/user wants to use this application, he has to do nothing but just open it as well as click the camera mode for making a video. In order to make a text message or chat(ting), the user only has to click the text icon.

He is also advised to not forget to add some stickers; as they will make his chatting more beautiful and impressive. As far as the stickers are concerned; they are free. Moreover, the user will get an update(s) for them/it as well.


  • Bug Fixes.

Can I call free of cost on any Mobile networks?

No IMO not give free service for mobile network calling service

How many hours we can talk on IMO?

Imo to imo unlimited free call services provided by IMO company

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