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Instagram Tests Polls in Comments to Increase Engagement

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Instagram is currently testing a feature that will allow users to create polls in comments, which could help boost engagement for content posted by their followers. This test feature should become available to all users soon – more details below.

Polls Are Being Put through Trial on Instagram Comments

Instagram is currently testing polls in comments with a limited group of users, enabling people to create polls directly in posts and reel comments, providing creators with an effective way to interact with their followers more closely and gain insight into what kind of content resonates most strongly. Furthermore, polls in comments may help people gain more traction with others through increased interaction.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri shared a screenshot that shows people will soon be able to view vote counts on given options to determine which has won, without knowing exactly how long polls in comments will exist; more details should become apparent once this feature becomes widely available, which should happen soon.

Instagram already allows its Stories users to add polls via stickers, making the experience more engaging. In order to increase engagement on its platform, Instagram recently introduced GIF reply capabilities so users could respond more interactively.

As yet, we don’t know how people will respond to the ability to create polls in comments, nor whether it will become an ongoing feature. We will keep you up-to-date and look forward to your thoughts in the comments below if polls seem helpful and enjoyable!

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