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LibreOffice 24.2: A New Release with Major Improvements

LibreOffice 24.2 introduces a renewed, intuitive UI with a tabbed NotebookBar, and maintains enhanced compatibility with Microsoft Office formats. It adds new features like track changes in comments for Writer, updated functions for Calc, improved animations in Impress, and expanded tools in Draw. The release focuses on user productivity and creativity across various components, and is available for download or update.

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LibreOffice 24.2 has recently been released, featuring numerous updates and improvements that aim to boost productivity and creativity. Here we look at some of its highlights and how they may improve productivity and creativity for users. A new User Interface

LibreOffice 24.2 stands out with a modernized user interface that is both user-friendly and intuitive. NotebookBar mode features a tabbed layout that groups related commands and options together for easier access, with customizable tabs to meet individual workflow needs and preferences. In addition, classic toolbar mode and sidebar modes remain available if preferred. Enhanced Compatibility with Microsoft Office Formats is another major improvement.

LibreOffice 24.2 brings major enhancements in compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, such as DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files. LibreOffice can now open and save these files with greater accuracy and fidelity, maintaining formatting styles and features from their original documents without losing information or quality in translation. Also new are features and enhancements introduced within this release of LibreOffice: New Features and Enhancements

  • LibreOffice 24.2 also introduces changes to the user interface and enhanced compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, as well as some additional features and upgrades for each of its components.
  • Writer now offers track changes in comments, which allows you to see who made each comment and when, as well as accept or reject them individually or in bulk. Calc now features new functions and formulas like XOR, SWITCH, and IFS; additionally, it boasts enhanced performance and stability.
  • Impress has enhanced its animation and transition effects, adding support for exporting presentations with embedded video and audio files directly into PDF documents.
  • Draw has added new shapes and tools such as connectors, curves, and polygons as well as improving its handling of SVG images.
  • The base has been upgraded to work better with various database engines such as Firebird, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Math has added new symbols and operators such as arrows, integrals, fractions etc.


LibreOffice 24.2 is an outstanding update that brings numerous advantages for users of the open-source office suite. From personal to professional use, LibreOffice 24.2 delivers more functionality, flexibility, and compatibility than ever before – you can download it directly from its official website or use its built-in updater to stay up-to-date.

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