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Calling on X (Twitter) is Now Available to Everyone!

X, formerly Twitter, has now enabled audio and video calls for all users, not just Premium. With comprehensive privacy settings, users can control who can call them and communicate directly within the app. Enhanced features include group calls, DM integration, and usual call-blocking options, offering a new dimension to online interactions.

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Remember those days when Twitter was just a platform for witty tweets and heated threads? Well, hold onto your hashtags, because things are about to get a whole lot more personal! X (formerly Twitter) is finally rolling out audio and video calls to everyone, not just Premium users. That’s right, you can now chat face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) with your favorite followers, industry peers, or even those random accounts you love to playfully banter with.

But wait, there’s more! X understands that not everyone wants their phone blowing up with calls. That’s why they’ve given you complete control over who can reach you. ️

Who can call you?Everyone, Address Book, Following, Verified Users, Nobody
How to adjust settingsSettings > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Direct messages
Answering callsLike regular phone calls, see caller’s name/username

Choose Your Calling Crew:

  • Open Mic: Let everyone with your DMs open call you, just like open DMs.
  • Contact Crew: Only your address book buddies get your number.
  • Following Fam: Keep it close-knit, only chat with those you follow back.
  • Verified VIPs: Public figures and big names are the only ones who can ring you.
  • Silent Mode: Peace, no calls at all.

Taking Control:

  1. Open the X app and dive into Settings and Support > Settings and Privacy.
  2. Head to Privacy and Safety > Direct messages.
  3. Under “Allow audio and video calls from:”, choose your calling crew. Easy peasy!

Answering the Call:

Calls come through just like regular phone calls, so you’ll know who’s on the line (their name or X username). Answer or decline with a simple tap, just like you’re used to.

Ready to Get Chatting?

Update your X app and get ready to connect! Remember, your call settings are always adjustable, so you can fine-tune your calling experience anytime.

But wait, there’s even more! (See, I told you X is getting chatty!)

  • Group Calls: Round up your Twitter squad for a multi-person video call. Imagine the hilarious debates and insightful discussions!
  • Direct Message Integration: Calls seamlessly flow from your DMs, making it easy to switch between text and voice chat.
  • Privacy Features: Feeling overwhelmed? You can mute, block, or report callers just like in any other messaging app.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of X calling and discover a whole new way to connect with your Twitterverse! Remember, the power to choose who gets your number is in your hands. Now go forth, chat it up, and make some noise!

Bonus: Don’t forget to share your X-calling experiences with us! Use the hashtag #XCalling and let the world know what you think.

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