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Where online can I read books for free

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In today’s digital age, accessing books has never been easier or more convenient. With the rise of digital libraries and online platforms, readers have many options for reading books for free. Whether you’re a voracious bookworm or just looking for a cost-effective way to enjoy your favorite reads, this comprehensive guide will help you discover where to read books online for free.

1. Public Domain Classics

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest and most extensive sources for free books. This platform offers over 60,000 public domain classics, including works by Shakespeare, Dickens, and Austen. It’s a treasure trove for literature enthusiasts.

2. Online Libraries

Open Library

Open Library is a digital library that provides access to millions of books, including rare and out-of-print titles. It offers an easy-to-use interface and allows users to borrow digital copies like a traditional library.

3. E-Book Platforms

Amazon Kindle Store

Believe it or not, Amazon’s Kindle Store offers many free e-books. You can find everything from indie gems to popular classics. Just filter your search results by “Price: Low to High” to uncover these hidden gems.

4. Author and Publisher Websites

Author Websites

Many authors offer free e-books on their websites to attract readers. For instance, Cory Doctorow and Neil Gaiman are known for sharing their works for free online.


5. Online Reading Communities


Goodreads is a place to discover new books and a hub for free reads. Joining reading groups or forums can lead you to e-books that authors and publishers provide for promotional purposes.

6. Library Apps

Libby by OverDrive

Libby is a fantastic app to access e-books and audiobooks for free if you have a library card. It connects you to your local library’s digital collection.

7. Educational Websites



OpenStax offers free textbooks and educational resources primarily for college students. It’s an excellent resource for those looking to expand their knowledge.

8. Online Forums and Blogs


Reddit hosts various subreddits that share free e-books, such as r/FreeEBOOKS and r/books. Subscribing to these can be a goldmine for book lovers.

9. Free Trials and Promotions

Audible and Kindle Unlimited Trials

Amazon’s Audible and Kindle Unlimited offer free trials, allowing you to access a vast collection of audiobooks and e-books during the trial period.


10. Digital Bookstores


Smashwords is an independent e-book publishing platform that offers a considerable selection of free and affordable e-books by indie authors.


In the digital age, finding free books to read online has become easier than ever. From public domain classics to author websites, online libraries, and reading communities, there are numerous avenues to explore. With a little effort, you can build an impressive digital library without spending a dime.

Are the books available on Project Gutenberg all old classics?

No, while Project Gutenberg does offer a vast collection of classic literature, it also includes lesser-known works and even some contemporary texts that have entered the public domain.

Can I access books on Libby by OverDrive without a library card?

No, you typically need a valid library card from a participating library to access books on Libby by OverDrive. However, some libraries offer digital library cards that can be obtained online.


Are free trials on platforms like Audible and Kindle Unlimited limited to certain regions?

The availability of free trials can vary by region, so it’s essential to check the terms and conditions of the trial offer to ensure it’s available in your location.

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