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Google Unveils Android 15 Developer Preview: Unveiling a Glimpse into the Future

Google has launched the Android 15 Developer Preview, revealing new security and privacy features, including a FileIntegrityManager and granular user data controls. It enhances performance with partial screen sharing and promises platform stability for easier app development. Developers also benefit from new OpenJDK APIs and the anticipation of broader device support. Final release is set for 2024.

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Attention developers! Google has unveiled the eagerly awaited Android 15 Developer Preview, offering a glimpse into the future of mobile operating systems. While still under development, this preview teases some intriguing features and changes that will elevate the user experience and empower your app development.

Enhanced Security and Privacy:

  • Data Fort Knox: Android 15 introduces a fortified FileIntegrityManager, allowing apps to encrypt data with custom signatures. This robust protection safeguards sensitive information from unauthorized access and manipulation.
  • Privacy at Your Fingertips: Users gain granular control over their data with new privacy features. See which apps accessed your location in the past 24 hours, and grant or deny specific sensor access (microphone, camera) to individual apps, ensuring privacy on your terms.

Improved Performance and Efficiency:

  • Partial Screen Sharing: Share specific app content without revealing your entire screen. This innovative feature lets you record only the chosen app, effectively blocking notifications and other apps from view.
  • Platform Stability Milestone: Developers rejoice! Android 15 reaches a crucial “Platform Stability” stage, finalizing internal and external APIs, app-facing behaviors, and non-SDK API lists. This facilitates smoother testing and final release planning.

Additional Highlights:

  • New OpenJDK APIs: Enhanced quality-of-life improvements for NIO buffers, streams, and security within OpenJDK APIs cater to developer needs.
  • Broader Device Compatibility: The preview is currently available on various Pixel devices, with wider compatibility expected in the final release.

Stay Tuned for More:

This is just a taste of the exciting features on the horizon with Android 15. The developer preview offers a valuable opportunity to explore and test these advancements. Remember, the final release is expected later in 2024. Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to take your app development to the next level with Android 15!

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